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Working with Attorneys

Our experienced staff can provide a wide range of reliable legal support services.

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Litigation Support

Strategic Investigative Services can assist you with:

Accident and Personal Injury Cases

Product Liability Cases

Class Action Litigation

Business and Contract Litigation

Financial Asset Investigations

Workers Compensation - AOE/COE Investigations

Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment Cases

Child Custody and Family Law Cases

An experienced attorney will always conduct an investigation on behalf of his or her client using the services of a trained professional investigator. At Strategic Investigative Services, we have the experience and resources needed to conduct reliable background investigations. We believe that successful litigation depends on obtaining all of the critical information from victims, witnesses, and any other individuals who might be associated with the case.

Get Us On Your Side

Strategic Investigative Services investigators are knowledgeable in litigation support techniques and have been trained to provide direct and credible testimony when required.

We can obtain written, verbal, and audio or video recorded statements in any language, using our certified language translators.

Our analysis and evaluation of evidence includes, but is not limited to, accident scene evidence, computer forensic evidence, and financial accounting evidence.

We can also conduct surveillance or activity checks of claimants or defendants to determine their true activities, physical condition, and normal routines.

Our investigators will bring together all of the information obtained from interviews, background checks, surveillance, and any other evidence, and will then verify and confirm all of the information by more than one source whenever possible. This method of investigation provides a complete overall view of the incident and helps to establish the strongest case possible.

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Service of Process

We also specialize in difficult service of process in Fresno, California, as well as the surrounding communities located within the counties of Fresno, Madera, Kings, and Tulare.

At Strategic Investigative Services, our well-trained investigators are also registered and bonded process servers. If the parties that you need to have served with legal documents have been evasive or uncooperative, or cannot be located, please contact our office.

Our upgraded process service options include conducting surveillance, or determining the individual's updated address if it is determined that they cannot be served at the address provided. When your flat-rate process server is unsuccessful, or you know that you have an evasive subject, Strategic Investigative Services can provide a higher level of service to get the job done.

Costs incurred by a Registered Process Server are fully recoverable pursuant to CCP 1033.5(a)(4)(B).